out of line theatre is the collaborative effort of Ian Mozdzen + Mia van Leeuwen.

Founded in 2003 in Winnipeg, Canada, out of line theatre devises original performances, often postdramatic in nature, on a project-to-project basis. out of line values experimentation, multidisciplinary approaches to creation, play, risk, and imagination. These values are evident in the company’s history of collaboration with a diversity of artists, a repertoire of provocative works, and ambitious creative goals.

The idiom which gives the company its name — “out of line” — indicates the company’s (admittedly, idealist) philosophy. The work produced is meant to be “out of line”; that’s to say “improper” and “not in accordance with what is expected.” The company promotes this kind of theatrical conduct because its members acknowledge the inestimable value of what lies beyond the margins of what is “acceptable.

keywords: devised theatre, two-of-hearts, social experiments, risk, imagination and play ….

out of line theatre is currently on a HIATUS.     stay tuned …

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