life of a secret (2003)

life of a secret

Performances by:

Glenn Hall,  Ian Mozdzen,  Mia van Leeuwen

Directed by Claire Borody

Winnipeg Fringe 2003

In a world of isolation Papa, Sister and Brother live a simple life of games and stories tainted by a terrible secret. The vast realm of fairy tales becomes this curious threesome’s salvation and doom as the real and the unreal slowly bleed into one another. Will the maiden be saved from the evil wizard by the gallant knight? A walk with Papa into the attic unravels the hope of a fairy tale ending for Brother and Sister. life of a secret is an original collaborative effort drawn from visual art and literary sources.

Original music by s. arden hill.

Director’s Note:

life of a secret began with the simple idea of a secret: the notion that a secret, even if unnamed, generates a life of its own. Born of a moment in time, the harbouring and nurturing of the deepest and darkest of secrets can become life. In the earliest stages the actors gathered source material that included literature, music, sculpture and illustration. The process of development began with the actors physical and vocal interaction with the source material within the context of specific tasks. The shaping of the performance material is a reaction to the source material text, using a shared physical and vocal vocabulary, rather than an interpretation of the text. The performance logic emerged from the work. As two of the key sources are set in isolated worlds in which a twisting of morals and ethics occurs, it is logical that the themes and ideas that emerged are dark and disturbing.

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