Mia S. van Leeuwen


As of June 2020, I have a new website dedicated to my work beyond out of line theatre. Please visit >>> miavanleeuwen.com

Mia practices the body of performance to explore wide-ranging themes, playfully blurring the lines between theatre and visual art, and delves into subject material with vigour and imagination. Altering perspective, baring process, queering, unsettling, combining different forms, making strange, fragmenting time, and juxtaposing imagery are some of the actions that inform the making of her various projects.

Mia is the co-artistic director of the experimental – out of line theatre – founded in Winnipeg in 2003, alongside Ian Mozdzen.

Mia’s recent and independent ventures include Sapientia (Montreal 2019, Lethbridge 2018, Winnipeg 2015), Destroy She Said (Winnipeg 2018), Postcolonial Postcards (Dalnavert Museum, Winnipeg 2017), and White Bread (Edmonton 2016 and Antwerp, Munich, Innsbruck, Belgrade, 2014). Mia’s object theatre adaptation of Sapientia – a martyr play written in the 10th century by history’s first known female playwright Hrotsvitha of Gandershiem, won two 2018 METAs (Montreal English Theatre Awards) for Outstanding Independent Production and Outstanding Contribution to Theatre (produced by Scapegoat Carnivale Theatre, Montreal).

interests: postdramatic theatre, physical theatre, devised theatre, tanztheatre, theatre of images, feminist theatre, dark comedy, creative movement, viewpoints, meditation, pochinko clown, object theatre, lip-sync, ritual, Death Studies, the macabre, religious theatre, Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim, Madonna, pop-culture, the Tarot, the ineffable, intuition, weirdness, queerness, altered states, play, dream-logic, cognitive dissonance, spectacle, collage, bricolage, assemblage, stream of consciousness, free association.

Mia is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Lethbridge, Canada.

For more information visit: miavanleeuwen.com

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