Peepshow (2004-06)

National Fringe Tour, 2005+2006 (Toronto, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver)


Winnipeg Fim Group, Independent Production, 2004

Peepshow: An Erotic Comedy began (innocently enough) late one summer night in 2003. We peered into the mysterious history of those sensational peepshow boxes that have thrilled spectators with curious pictures for centuries. We saw pink and blue. We saw sex. We saw something strange, something sensual, something spectacular. We heard laughter. It was a picture we put on the wall and danced around, playing pranks, and exposing ourselves …

out of line theatre invites you to glimpse into a pretty peepshow box. Old style peepshow men with a contemporary face – Jemmy and René – tempt us to peer into the world of Hugo & Sabina, an eccentric duo who, in one bizarre hour play out queer fantasies in a peepshow box of their own making. Now you are a crowd, now you are peeping tom, now you are patron of a strip club, now you are a movie-goer… Audience members find themselves in flirtation with many eye-popping exhibitions as Hugo & Sabina venture fearlessly into the polyamorous phantasmagoria of PeepShows. However, what begins as a ridiculous romp into a world of role playing descends into a psycho-sexual exploration of the drives that ignite erotic passions – a descent that threatens everything … Or does it?

But remember … you must pay to play.

Come close! Come very close! Take a peep!

PeepShow (6) 2005PeepShow (5) 2005PeepShow (1) 2005
PeepShow (3) 2005

Peepshow: A Short Film

Directed, Performed and Edited by Mia & Ian

Filmed by Mike Maryniuk with assistance from Alison Bile

Animation by Jenny Bisch

Music by Fanny

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