S&M (2004)

Directed and Adapted by Ian Mozdzen
Performed by Mia van Leeuwen and Glenn Hall

Winnipeg Fringe, 2004

The First and Second Acts are based upon Franz Kafka’s parable, “Before the Law,” the story of a man who devotes his life to begging a Doorkeeper to grant him admittance to the Law. He is never admitted and dies trying. S&M, named after the abbreviation of that strange entity, the sadomasochist, is a play(ing) of Kafka’s parable in the (ill) manners of the Marquis de Sade and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. S&M is a showcase for these notoriously perverted artists and their flirtations with love, lust, and the Law. Face two neurotic/erotic faces, face to face. Faced with Masoch, you will see how a clumsy, but charming man convinces a beautiful woman to beat and humiliate him. Faced with Sade, you will see how a filthy monk has his nasty ways with a reluctant whore. However, the spectre/spectator of S&M looms over both, providing endings which are … well, you’ll find out. It’s quite shocking. Do not worry … it’s for (your) pleasure only.

Like Humpty-Dumpty, the “sadomasochist” has been broken into pieces (S&M) without (much) hope of being put back together again. And we don’t want to put them together; by revisioning Sade and Masoch, their names, art, and history no longer eclipse each other.

(Photos by Mandy Malazdrewich)

S&M (2) 2004

Glenn Hall + Mia van Leeuwen

S&M (4) 2004

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