The God Box (2008)

The God Box is inspired by a true story.

The God Box explores love and loss, the complexity of the family, guilt’s endurance and its destruction, as well as the lasting impressions religion and literature leave on a child’s mind. At the centre of the story is Marguerite, who strives to heal the broken hearts of her parents after the death of their 12-year-old son Ben. As she observes her parents’ intense grief and searches for an escape from her own, Marguerite survives by reading about and emulating the characters in books. After reading W. W. Jacobs’s The Monkey’s Paw, Marguerite decides to reenact the ritual around which Jacobs’s story turns. Since a simple monkey’s paw in Jacobs’s story has the power to resurrect the dead, Marguerite believes she can craft an amulet of her own which will resurrect her brother Ben. Using found objects from her mother’s vanity, she creates a God Box. With the box, Marguerite performs the ritual designed to bring Ben back to life. Like The Monkey’s Paw, her wish results in horror; summoning her brother’s dead and decomposing body from the grave. To make up for her failed miracle, and to send her dead brother away… she sells her soul to the Devil …

 Written + Directed by Mia van Leeuwen


Dan Augusta, Sharon Bajer, Coral Maloney, Ian Mozdzen

Debbie Patterson, Tom Stroud, Claire Therese

Photos by Leif Norman


Coral Maloney

God Box Poster-1


Tom Stroud



Sharon Bajer and Dan Augusta


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