Who Are We?

OOL is the collaborative effort of Ian Mozdzen & Mia van Leeuwen (click on sub-menu under Who Are We? for more info on Ian & Mia) in combination with a variety of artists on a project basis.

OOL has had the pleasure of working with the following collaborators/artists:

Dr. Claire Borody

Glenn Hall

Tom Stroud

Natasha Torres-Garner

Jennifer Essex

Jorge Rivero

Jennifer Bisch

Alison Bile

Mike Maryniuk

Darek Dawda

charlie peters

Ryszard Hunka

Colin Vandenberg

Mandy Malazdrewich

Mandy van Leeuwen

Chris Lawless

Petra Steinert

Eve Rice (Dj Beekeeni)

Borisa Sabljic

Coral Maloney

Sharon Bajer

Dan Augusta

Claire Therese

Debbie Patterson

Johanna Riley

Andrew Cecon

Ali Robson



Richard Altman

Conrad Dueck

Julia Ryckman

Delf Gravert

Heather Lee Brereton

Leif Norman

Larry Glawson

Doug Melnyk

John Turner

Charlene Van Buekenhout

Brenda McLean

Chris Sobczak

Eric Bosse

Michel St. Hilaire

Marcel Balfour

Robbie Reiger



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